A downloadable Cosmodog for Windows

Cosmodog is a fast-paced, turn-based adventure game that can be downloaded for free under http://www.cosmodog.eu/cosmodog.html.

Here are some screenshots

In Cosmodog, you will find:

  • Retro style visuals a la 8/16 bit
  • A hand crafted sci-fi open world with enemies, collectibles, secrets, giant worms, labyrinths, teleports and vehicles.
  • Many gadgets that increase your stats and unlock new areas of the game world
  • A sci-fi narration with a broken AI as one of the protagonists.

The game was developed in Java and can be played on Windows systems. It was tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10. You don't need anything to play the game. Just download and unzip the file and click cosmodog.exe.

I've been working on this game for ca. 3 years and would be glad to read some feedback at feedback@cosmodog.eu or here

Install instructions

You'll need a windows machine to run the game. Just download and unpack the  cosmodog.zip file. You can start the game by double-clicking cosmodog.exe within the archive. The game is based on Java but you don't need Java environment to be installed on your computer as it is included in the package. Please send feedback and bug reports to feedback@cosmodog.eu.


Cosmodog 99 MB


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Fun game, delivering nice open-world exploration.

The world is well crafted. It's not too small nor too big. Here and there you solve a puzzle, find a more or less hidden new weapon, some water or ammo supplies or some tool unlocking a couple of locked area,  dying a lot in the process to radiations, mines and various enemies.

As you find notes and alien artifacts you uncover the story of the world while also uncovering your past and crafting your own story.

The game is fun from start to finish ; note that it is also very stable.

@CryptRat, Thanks a lot for your review. Glad, you enjoyed Cosmodog.

Great post-apocalyptic survival retro game.

Thank you!